Volunteers across the globe give their time, talent and support to teach a skill, participate in various activities, or share the work load of our staff. Over the years, volunteering and internship have evolved into a structured programme at Himani Shikshan Sansthan.

Volunteers need to commit to a minimum of four weeks, so as to achieve continuity and tangible outcomes. The programme begins with an induction of the volunteers to Himani Shikshan Sansthan programmes and services, followed by matching a volunteer's skills and profile with the present needs of the organisation, and the actual commencement of volunteering activity. Volunteer activities are concurrently assessed, and a final evaluation marks the closure of a volunteer's work. This well-planned strategy makes volunteering a productive exercise for the volunteers and organisation rather than a mere series of sporadic efforts.

Himani Shikshan Sansthan. attaches value and significance to a volunteer's engagement with various facets of the organisation, such as teaching English, training tour guides with communicative skills, marketing the City Walk, documentation, teaching school subjects, non-formal education, computers, theatre activities and counselling, among others. The only requisites from the volunteer are dedication and a commitment to work for the cause of street children.

Himani Shikshan Sansthan. volunteer and internship programme has had positive results, wherein many volunteers and interns invariably extend their association with Himani Shikshan Sansthan. or become Salaam Baalak Trust ambassadors and raise funds after returning to their home countries.