About us

Himani Seva Sansthan is a Non-Profit Organisation based in Banswara,Rajasthan. Himani Seva Sansthan has excellent experience and achievements of around a quarter-century in the field of Tribal Development in Rajasthan. Himani Seva Sansthan has been working for the welfare of the Tribal people in the densely populated region of Banswara catering to their rights towards their livelihood, health, education, women empowerment and agricultural rights; of Banswara Rajasthan.

Himani Seva Sansthan has been organising high level of social mobilisation with local community participation, management and the development of sustainable village institutions in the working area. NGO’s high quality transparent work and achieving targets on time through the active participation of the community with the promptness, clarity, accuracy, high degree of accountability, transparency and integrity provided it excellent reputation among the Government, Non-Government and International support agencies.

The long- term future perspectives of Himani Seva Sansthan are based on its vision and planning and it has endeavor to make a self- sustainable society. Himani Seva Sansthan dedicated to build a network in the entire Rajasthan in all common issues and other concerns of the society is another ambition of the Organisation. Himani Seva Sansthan has way forwards to Strengthen campaigns and alliances, Entitlement assurance, Social audit, NREGA Samvad, Women empowerment and follow up various national schemes.

Himani Seva Sansthan wish to have a society where every person is educated, aware about and exert for the rights and live in justice, dignity, freedom and equal opportunities must available for realization of full human potential.