Himani Seva Sansthan believes in bridging the gap between knowledge and habitual ignorance. Targeting the oblivious way of living amongst the not-so-privileged masses and putting a stop to it is the key to the horrific statistics. We are well aware of the fact that this process is not a one day lecture that rectifies the ignorance, but a constant, conscious effort that ought to be imbibed amongst the mentally, physically, emotionally and monetarily disadvantaged fellow Indians.

Workshop on Health and Nutrition Awareness

Malnutrition, unfortunately, continues to be a serious problem in India and several other developing nations. The statistics show that nearly one billion people are hunger stricken on a global average and almost one in four children are underweight, below the age of five. Lakshyam periodically organizes workshops at its centers for women and children to enlighten them about the lesser known facts about health and hygiene. Cleanliness, nutrition and hygiene habits are demonstrated through stories and charts. Queries are answered and easy tips to inculcate the new habits in everyday life are imparted.

Breastfeeding Awareness Session

A Breastfeeding Awareness Session is conducted for the community women almost every two months, according to the needs of a particular area. The community women learn about WHO and UNICEF recommendations for feeding an infant or a young child in a healthy manner. Suggestions are as follows :

  • Early initiation of breastfeeding within an hour of the child’s birth.
  • Exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months after the birth of the newborn.
  • Introduction to nutritionally adequate and safe complementary foods at six months along with breastfeeding up to two years and/or more.

Micronutrient – Iodine Deficiency Awareness Session

The absence of micronutrients is severe, even though they are required in very small amounts. Iodine, Vitamin A and Iron are essential minerals for the human body. In context of global public health terms, the lack of these elements pose a major threat to the health and development of the global population, especially women and children.

Keeping that in mind, Himani Seva Sansthan periodically conducts an awareness session on Iodine deficiency for the community women. The session includes demonstrations to test the salt for Iodine content at a household level. Focus on self equipped techniques to safeguard one’s health is the main highlight of the event, in order to help curb diseases to lead a healthy life.

Eye Camp

Himani Seva Sansthan regularly organizes a healthcare drive all over Banswara,Rajasthan that focuses on eye checkups. Patients suffering from eye problems and discomforts are examined. Apart from the checkups, free medicines and eye care suggestions by the doctors are given to the patients as well. Free cataract operations are also conducted for the severe cases; last year witnessed nine patients restore their eyesight after the camp..

Anti Drug Campaign

Under special circumstances, Himani Seva Sansthan recently organized an Anti Drug campaign in Ranchi to bring stability amongst disadvantaged children in dire circumstances due to drug abuse. 30 kids in Ranchi were found afflicted with drug abuse and were taken to the hospital to provide medical assistance. They needed special attention to get back their lives on track, mentally and physically. The head of the community, Kanta Toli Chowk, needed support and we stepped in to bring back light in the lives of the impressionable kids.

Himani Seva Sansthan, along with its team of doctors, a Skin specialist, a Dental surgeon and a Heart surgeon worked with the kids on the three main areas that are most affected during drug abuse. It is definitely a long way back to a healthy life but one milestone at a time is the solution to the dilemma, and the kids will fiercely fight against drugs.